Hawaii Prepares For A Nuclear Attack

(KHNL) - Hawaii's airport alert levels went up after an international plot to attack America's airlines was uncovered. But that is just one of many possible scenarios that could strike the Islands.

Another is a nuclear attack, something the state and military have been preparing for, for the past year.

This week, they'll put that plan to the test.

On Sunday, members of the Veterinary Medical Assistance Team met with local agencies to discuss a disaster plan for animals.

"Have your animals' records together, know where things are, put your animals' foods together, medication for your dog just like for yourself," said Garry Goemann with VMAT.

It's all part of the state's efforts to create an emergency response plan. Beginning on Tuesday, state officials will test that plan. They're holding an exercise simulating a large explosion.

The mock drill will take place at Honolulu Harbor. But theoretically people living as far away as Ewa Beach will feel the blast. In the drill, 10,000 people will die and downtown Honolulu will lose a big chunk of its communications.

Since people don't always include animals when preparing for an event of this kind, the veterinary team wants animal owners to be prepared now.

"And then have an idea of where you can go to. Are you going up the hill to the Leeward side of the island? Are there shelters, you know, that are pet friendly or places you can go to with your pets so you can be safe and out of the way of a disaster?" said Goemann.

They say in any disaster, being prepared will save a lot more lives, both people and animal.