Leeward Coast Lights Up Sunday Night With Fireworks

Sunset On The Beach
Sunset On The Beach

Aug 13, 2006 11:01 AM

MAILI, Oahu (KHNL) - The first ever fireworks show in conjunction with Sunset on the Beach takes place Sunday night at Maili Beach Park following the movie.

It's really something when much of the Leeward community comes out The Fifth Annual Sunset on the Beach brings out much of the Leeward community for dinner and a movie.

The Fifth Annual Sunset on the Beach is a giant outdoor party.

There is everything from circus acts to entertainment.

Kids can hardly wait for the shave ice.

Solomon Naone exclaims, "I'm gonna enjoy humanity and friends and relationship and hope meet most of them tonight."

The Waianae Coast sunset on the beach is bigger and better than ever.

Organizer Denice Keliikoa explains, "I like when I see our community enjoying the event they come out with their family and friends."

The Kupuna, bring the grandma babies, come out. One big family fun event.

Families grabbed a bite to eat and sat down to enjoy all the live music.

Many staked out good seats for the movie that starts after dark.

Plus this Sunset-on-the Beach offers a spectacular ocean view.

In the past few days city officials asked homeless campers to move off the beach during this weekend's event.

There were safety concerns due to Sunday's huge fireworks display.

Today no campers on the beach.

Some of the homeless asked to leave their campsites at Maili Beach Park for this event are actually here volunteering at information booths.

Patty Teruya concludes, "We want everybody to come down and rediscover Waianae. "

But it's not all fun and games. There are educational booths sponsored by healthcare groups. And kids are encouraged to sign pledges they won't drink and take drugs.

Sunday night the movie is "Eight Below".

But the highlight may be the fireworks show scheduled for after the movie.