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Commuter Terminal A Breeze During Heightened Security

Roy and Sandy Levin Roy and Sandy Levin
David Pendlebury David Pendlebury
Elaine Pendlebury Elaine Pendlebury

(KHNL) - Air travelers say the smaller the better, especially with the increased security measures in effect.

"Oh, it's the only way to go," said Sandy Levin. "It's much easier than going to the main hubs."

"We flew to Kapalua and it was pretty good. We just had to take our shoes off and take all our liquids out and it was pretty quick," said tourist David Pendlebury.

Both flew into Honolulu Airport's commuter terminal Saturday morning, from Kapalua Airport on Maui.

"I heard people at Kahului were waiting a long time," said Roy Levin. "Ours went pretty smoothly."

Smaller commuter terminals are less crowded and fewer people means less baggage. That means security screeners have that much less to search. Travelers felt no drop in the quality of security.

"Feel pretty safe," said Pendlebury. "They check everything pretty well."

"I felt completely safe here," said Sandy Levin.

Because of the short security check-in lines, many travelers said they waited at the gate for a long time. They had all gone to the airport early, to compensate for any delays.

They expect a different story when they head home.

'We're expecting to go through long lines, but there's not much we can do about it in these times," said Elaine Pendlebury.

Despite the shorter waits at commuter airports, officials still recommend interisland travelers to go to the airport 90-minutes before your flight.

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