Feral Cats a Concern for Oahu

Aja Millage
Aja Millage

(KHNL) - Construction at a new car dearlership in Kalihi is forcing one woman to look for new homes for some tenants that'll be displaced.

"This has been their home for many, many years," said Aja Millage. "Now it's gonna be taken away from them."

Millage takes the handivan from her home in Mililani twice a week to Kalihi Shopping Center to care for those tenants -- a dozen cats.

"It seems like the homeless cats, they really don't have anybody to take care of them unless someone just happens to come by and see the need," she said.

Millage first came by in 1985, and saw another woman caring for the cats. She offered to help, and has been coming back every week since then.

But the shopping center -- once home to Sav Mor Drugs, Kalihi Bowl, and dozens of cats -- is scheduled to be torn down September 1st, for construction.

Up to 34 cats have called the garden home, but 12 remain.

Millage wants to find them new homes. She doesn't want to turn the cats into the humane society, because she's afraid they'll be found "not adoptable."

And Millage says she can't take them in herself, because she's already got seven cats at home.

She's gotten them spayed or neutered, to make them more appealing to owners. Seven are already spoken for, leaving five still roaming the garden.

"They're all gonna have to be moved and it's gonna be kinda difficult to say goodbye to them because they're all going to different places and it's like an end of an era," she said.

But it'll hopefully be the beginning of a new one.