Second Day of Security Restrictions Go Smoother

Greg Siskind is traveling in Hawaii from Tennessee.
Greg Siskind is traveling in Hawaii from Tennessee.

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Transportation officials are calling this a typical Friday with, surprisingly, business nearly back to normal. It was busy at the airport today, but not bad. State Transportation Department spokesman Scott Ishikawa says, "It's much better today."

Lines at the security check in are very short today. Transportation Security Administration screeners say yesterday, the lines were out the door and around the corner. So they say it's been a successful effort in getting the word out to travelers.

The state continues to get the word out about the new travel restrictions. Ishikawa says, "We're going to continue to encourage passengers to put the liquid material in the check in bags."

The Siskinds are on a flight back to Memphis, TN. Husband Greg Siskind expects, "It'll be long waits, extra inspections, and generally I'll have to give myself more time for it. It'll probably calm down in a couple days."

Still, he says he's not too worried about the terror plot. "You're probably safer getting on an airplane even with threats like this, than you are getting in the car to drive to the airport. So, I'm not worried about it."

But other are nervous. Dorean Koening of Michigan says she's normally not phobic about flying, but "something like this raises my anxiety about flying."

Koenig says she may stay in Hawaii for a few more days to avoid the airports. Airport officials are still recommending you come 3 hours before overseas flights, 2 hours before domestic flights.