Airline Passengers Must Leave All Liquids At Home

Pam Horton
Pam Horton
Bryson Amaral
Bryson Amaral
Rod Haraga
Rod Haraga

(KHNL) - Security screeners spent Thursday confiscating anything appearing in liquid or gel form.

Passengers who packed tooth paste, hair gel, and other beauty items in their carry-on luggage watched as their products were tossed into the trash.

Lip gloss, lip liner, and mascara were all not allowed on the aircraft.

It all ended up in airport dumpsters.

"If you took it through security they took it from you and they tossed it. The perfume, $80 expensive make-up - it didn't matter it was gone," said Pam Horton, a traveler from Texas.

TSA screeners wheel bags of banned items into the basement.

They hoist the heavy plastic bags into the dumpster.

They are weighted down with water bottles and and personal products.

A peek inside these trash bags, no garbage here - just expensive cosmetics, spa products and beauty items.

"I had to go back around, had cologne Ralph Lauren Polo - $50 cologne. Some lady took it wouldn't give it back and I was pissed. Just forfeited $57 and good smell!" traveler Bryson Amaral told us.

All day security screens trash items taken from unsuspecting travelers.

"It's hard to tell how much more than a thousand pounds, but word has gotten out thanks to the media who let folks know they should not bring any liquid containers," said Rod Haraga of the State Department of Transportation.

But Pam Horton's stuff is safe.

"In the bag I checked through," Horton told us.

Thanks to an early warning from family.

"We kind of had a heads up, but a lot of people flying early this morning didn't have a clue," Horton said.

Now their personal products are heading to the dump.