Travelers Warned To Pack A Lot Of Patience

Jane O'Connor
Jane O'Connor
Dennis O'Connor
Dennis O'Connor
Mike Juarez and Yvonne Luke
Mike Juarez and Yvonne Luke
Major General Robert Lee
Major General Robert Lee

(KHNL) - Hawaii State officials are asking for the public's patience, as the Honolulu International Airport is also under tight security.

Airport officials say there were only a handful of delays on Oahu - flights that left a few minutes late.

Still, if you are headed out you'll want to get to the airport early.

Because of additional security inspections, you're advised to get to the airport three hours before an international flight, two hours before an inter-island flight.

Jane and Dennis O'Connor are glad to be on steady ground, after flying from Los Angeles.

"All we could see were some police coming in and they were letting traffic come through," said Jane O'Connor, who's visiting from Georgia.

Her husband, Dennis added, "There was more security. It made people feel better actually."

Yvonne Luke and Mike Juarez came in from Washington D.C.

"We showed up there and there was this line that was an hour long, telling us that we needed to take out all our liquids," said Mike Juarez.

Here at Honolulu Airport, the new security procedures were also in place.

Passengers weren't allowed to bring all liquids, gels, and lotions on board.

That forced some to repack their bags to accommodate..

"For the majority of the population its business as usual. and nothing wrong with that. the nature of the enemy is and what he's trying to do us is to change our lifestyle. to give up our liberties in order to have safety," General Robert Lee, State Adjutant General said.

The additional security inspections caused long lines, but airport officials said passengers responded well.

"So far there's been no resistance. But they understand what's happening and they sort of cooperate with us," said Sidney Hayakawa with the Transportation Security Administration.

Juarez says longer wait times at airports are becoming the norm.

He said, "People in D.C.- we don't know what the orange or red alerts mean, we're under high security all the time."

Even with this increased security, O'Connor says she's not afraid.

"I want to say to all the terrorists, live in peace or die."

Passengers will be screened at security checkpoints and again at the gates before they are allowed to board the plane.