Tighter Security Measures for Island Travelers

TSA security personnel inform travelers of new carry-on restrictions.
TSA security personnel inform travelers of new carry-on restrictions.

by Kristine Uyeno

KAHULUI, MAUI (KHNL) - Those traveling between islands today found themselves subject to stricter security measures. Even though lines were moving pretty smoothly, travelers were still frustrated.

At Kahului Airport, security officers took away souvenirs from the Epstein family.

"They took hand lotion that was still in shrink wrap that was made in Hawaii that was clearly just from the shelves," said Phyllis Epstein, traveler.

And that's not all they were forced to leave behind.

"Medication I can only get from ordering it directly from the manufacturer that I need every day," said Earl Epstein.

Travelers expressed anger and frustration, wondering why much-needed items were confiscated.

"I'm infuriated because it's so stupid some of the things they took made no sense," said Epstein.

Another traveler gave away bottles and bottles of water he says he needed for medical reasons.

"It's for my diabetic, my condition, I got to have water all the time," said Sam Sheikh, traveler.

Tighter security at outer-island airports didn't put too much of a strain on operations. But it did have an affect on travelers.

"I was going to go to London. Now? I'm not going to go. And she said if you go? We get divorced," said Mike Pollaro, traveler.

The people we talked to say this latest bit of news will definitely change the way they travel.

"Travelling after 9/11 has been stressful and something like this just adds to this," said Josephine Pollaro, traveler.

"I'd never come back here again, never," said Epstein.