Kauai Land Owner Sues State for Dam Break

(KHNL) - The owner of the Kauai dam that burst earlier this year killing seven people is suing the state. Attorneys for Jimmy Pflueger filed the lawsuit, which also names the former owner of the Kaloko Reservoir as a defendant.

The Kaloko Dam broke apart March 14th, releasing a wall of water that destroyed everything in its path.

Pflueger says the state and former reservoir owner C. Brewer knew about possible problems with the dam and failed to take action.

"A manager sees something that's a problem, which could affect safety, that manager would do something about it," William McCorriston, plaintiff's attorney, said. "There's nothing that Mr. Pflueger was trying to obscure or hide. He was inviting the state folks up to the reservoir and walk around, do whatever you say."

Pflueger himself faces a complaint from property owners downstream. They accuse Pflueger of making hazardous alterations to the Kaloko Dam.