Island Record Store Sales Hit A Bad Note

Frank Bacon
Frank Bacon
i-Tunes allows users to download music for 99 cents per song
i-Tunes allows users to download music for 99 cents per song

(KHNL) - Air fare prices aren't the only thing that has been dropping.

Record sales at island stores are also down, thanks to the popularity of internet downloads.

Many island record stores are seeing fewer customers walk-in, looking for new cds.

Because many are surfing the web to download their music.

"Kids used to hear music on radio, then they'd come in check out that album, maybe check out another album that was similar to it by the same artist. And now they're just doing that over the internet. They just aren't coming into stores as much," said Frank Bacon, the manager at Jelly's in Waimalu.

Even though it hurts the sales of record stores some understand why, as prices for newly released cd's stay high.

"The don't want to spend $20 on a cd when they can download it for practically nothing or just one song for $0.99."

At Jelly's Music they've countered the drastic drop in new music sales as downloads increase - with stronger sales of used cds, as well as books and comics.

And as the internet influences the way we buy music, it may also change the look and sound of island record stores.

"The kiosks where downloads are possible - you know a customer can just come in and pay a flat fee and they can just do downloads right there for people who don't have computers and stuff at home. I think we might see a lot of that in the industry," Bacon told us.

And increasing sales would be music the ears of struggling island record stores.

And, its not just those record stores that may be hurting because of the internet, video stores may be next, now that you can download movies from the web.