Cell Research Technology Developed in Honolulu

Cathy Owen, Nanopoint president
Cathy Owen, Nanopoint president

(KHNL) - Examining the effects of drugs on individual cells has been a challenge for scientists studying cancer and other diseases. Now Hawaii-based Nanopoint says it has the answer.

"It's very important in some of the research for oncology applications, Parkinson's, diabetes, all those kinds of diseases," said Cathy Owen, Nanopoint president.

Nanopoint makes advanced cell trays, devices that allow scientists to single out individual cells for observation.

"Today drugs treat diseases, ultimately you'd like to be able to treat disease at its root cause," Owen said. "The only way I can do that is if I can look inside cells, see what's happening real time."

Nanopoint said its cell trays will allow scientists studying treatments for cancer or diabetes to conduct better research.

"More precise, more efficient and hopefully they'll come through with some new breakthroughs," Owen said.

The cell trays hit the market next month. Nanopoint said medical research holds a lot of promise for companies based in the islands.

"It's a clean industry, there's some very good scientists here in Hawaii," Owen said. "A lot of kamaaina would like to come back and they also are scientists."