Releasing Some Gas

Tell me if you've heard this joke before.  Guy goes into a gas station to buy gas, and the price is higher.  Oh sorry, that's no joke; it's a common occurrence.  So now that the Alaska pipeline has some extra rust (and like Neil Young once sang, "rust never sleeps") it would be safe to assume that numerous repairs are in store for our domestic gas supply.

And since the words "Middle East" now have a permanently affixed adjective in front of them- "volatile", it is pretty safe to assume that the days of the $ 2 gallon of gas are long gone.  How are you coping?  What are you doing about your driving habits, your social plans, your solo driving, your carpooling?  When fuel prices rise for you, they also rise for airlines, cargo ships and electric companies, so other facets of life already reflect these almost monthly "record high prices".  A friend of mine once suggested we could all save money on gas if all of the worlds' roads were simply downhill; that bad joke was told to me 30-years ago.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.  We all deal with it.  But I'm old enough to remember when people actually drank water for free and watched TV without having to pay for it via a monthly bill.  But there I go, just releasing some gas...Think about it...