Hot Issue

I've talked about the public school situation quite a bit over the years- how innovation needs to be a given, how teachers need to somehow be held accountable for their efforts, how parents really need to get involved in the learning process, etc.

But even if these monumental items get addressed quickly, it won't matter much if kids can't breathe in the classroom.  Oxygen is a birthright for just about every human being I know, so how can we expect a positive learning experience to take place when we continue to put kids and teachers into sweltering, torturous conditions?  Bad enough that dilapidated bathrooms or hallways are potential health hazards, but asking a kid to be perky, pro-active, and present in a 90-degree sweatbox is simply inhumane.

Funding is an issue, old electrical infrastructure is an issue, but so is learning and providing an environment conducive to learning, or at least to staying awake.  Until the problem here is solved universally, parents must make sure they hydrate their kids- extra water every day, much like parents are instructed to provide in third world countries.  How sad; please, think about it...