Chiropractic Family Health Center: Giving Good Health a Helping Hand

Dr. Paul Kurihara
Dr. Paul Kurihara

Billy V:  Usually when you hear the word chiropractic, you think of individuals in pain.

I'm talking to Dr. Paul Kurihara of the Chiropractic Family Health Center in Aiea. You deal with more than just individuals don't you?

Dr. Paul: Yes, Billy, thank you for asking.  Obviously, it is an honor to have individuals in our practice and be able to help then with their health concerns, but it is an even bigger honor to help whole families in our practice and being able to work with each of them to help them achieve the best health, happiness and success they can achieve.

Billy V: Give me an example of someone you have helped recently.

Dr. Paul:  Many times when we think of families, we think of our kapuna.  Just last week, a male in his 80's came into our office with severe Osteoporosis, which is a softening of the bones, and many people think Chiropractors can't do anything.  He also had Sciatic nerve pain down his leg which is a sharp shooting, numbing pain as well as general pain in his neck and lower back.  We were able to help this individual take care of his concerns.

Billy V: You're talking about the Kapuna as one end of the scale, is there ever too young of an age to be adjusted?

Dr. Paul:  Good question.  I'm a father of five, and we just had our last child, a baby boy. He's 3 months old and he's already been checked and adjusted.  We have even younger children in our practice getting adjusted and staying healthy.

Billy V: Sometimes life can be a pain in the neck, or the back, and there is somebody who can help not only in these areas but also the whole person. We are talking to Dr. Paul Kurihara with the Chiropractic Family Health Center. Tell us how you help people.

Dr. Paul: Well Billy, what makes us different is that we don't focus on the quick fix kind of care. We focus on correction and wellness care. Helping each individual achieve the greatest amount of vitality and strength and in other words help each individual reach optimal health and wellness through chiropractic care.

Billy V: When you talk about chiropractic care I've heard of something called subluxation correction, tell me about it.

Dr Paul: A subluxation is a misalignment in the spine and obviously any kind of misalignment is going to create biomechanical stresses and these stresses in the spine. Can create arthritis; bone spurs and deterioration. But it also affects the nervous system. The nervous system is essential for an optimal functioning body, spine and everything else.

Billy V: So you have helped people with life changing pain? Kind of helped heal them from them?

Dr. Paul: Yeah, in fact awhile back this individual came into our office with debilitating pain, loss of range in motion; he is a pilot. You know you can't function like that. We were able to help this individual not just return back to his employment but be able to get back weight lifting, reaching his optimal health.

BillyV: Doctor tell me about the different kinds of problems that you have been able to help with.

Dr. Paul: Well amongst the more common neck pain, back pain, headache issues. We've been able to help individuals with even more severe debilitation disorders. Herniated discs, both in the neck and lower back. Severe sciatica going down the legs, numbness and burning sensation going down the arms. Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, migraines. As well as some even some internal issues. Digestive problems, acid reflux, children with ear infections as those sorts.  But we do see a lot of patients that the pain in the back and the numbness and headaches.

Billy V: Sometimes when problems get really, really bad they consider surgery. Would you consider recommending perhaps chiropractic before they jump to the surgery?

Dr. Paul: Most definitely. We are able to help this individual a year ago. Him in particular he was already scheduled a month out from actually getting it done. He came into our office, just because his one of his family members was patients of ours. We were able to help him not just get back to work, but to be very successful at his life.

Billy V: Alright. Once again if you'd like more information about how you can get help or somebody that you know their located in Aiea. You can find them on the web at