Where Is Brickwood Galuteria?

Brickwood Galuteria
Brickwood Galuteria

(KHNL) - He is an island son, who decided to walk away from the radio microphone and the chairmanship of Hawaii's Democratic Party, to pursue other interests.

After some twenty-six years behind the microphone of Hawaiian music radio, local icon Brickwood Galuteria, is changing directions.

He's formed his own consulting company, aimed at helping newcomers adjust to doing business in the islands.

"What we've got now is we finished a long run on the radio and we're settling into a different rhythm, which is not the corporate rhythm, it's the Brickwood rhythm."

"Right now, i'm going to sit this one out and i'm going to support the Democrats who prevail after the primary. I would venture to say I'd like to run for perhaps a congressional seat, or maybe even governor or lieutenant governor."

 But, he says, he is keeping a close eye on this fall's elections.

Galuteria says he's thankful to the KHNL viewer who inquired about him.

He also says, he's been recharging his batteries by spending time with his ohana.