Mililani Meeting Explains Transit Options

Karen Loomis
Karen Loomis
Lawrence Spurgeon
Lawrence Spurgeon
Linda Frysztacki
Linda Frysztacki
Jennifer Russell
Jennifer Russell

(KHNL) - Traffic gridlock on the H-1 Freeway. This is something Karen Loomis encounters when she leaves work in town to head home in Mililani.

"I'm spending an hour and a half each way, 3 hours out of my day commuting," Loomis told KHNL News 8.

It's the reason she's here tonight. She wants answers.

"I think it's a quality of life problem!" Loomis said.

She's looking at the proposed rail system from Kapolei to the University of Hawaii-Manoa.

"You've got reliability, not the other traffic in the way," said Lawrence Spurgeon, an environmental engineer. "If you ride a bus today, you know you get stuck in traffic frequently."

This is the option that's created the most buzz, but there are three more alternatives.

A second option is to construct an elevated road from Waipahu to Downtown Honolulu.

It would be used primarily by buses and vanpool vehicles.

A third alternative is to add more buses and then give them more access to such things as a p.m. zipper lane.

"Let's say you have a route that's 20 minutes long, buses come by every 15 minutes. If you want to go to 5 minutes, you just add another couple of buses in," explained Transportation Planner Linda Frysztacki.

A final option is not to build anything new and go ahead with projects already planned.

"Saying that already planned includes the pm zipper lanes, it includes the HOV extensions, it includes the Nimitz Highway flyover," Transportation Planner Jennifer Russell told us.

A decision is expected by December.

The City's Transportation Department will take make a recommendation to the City Council in November.

The City Council is expected to choose a transportation alternative in December.

There are two more community transportation meetings planned for August:

MONDAY, August 14

6:30 pm

Kalani High School Cafeteria

MONDAY, August 28

6:00 pm

Farrington High School Cafeteria