Beloved Dog Is Lost, Then Found

Swartz family reunites with Bailey
Swartz family reunites with Bailey

(KHNL) - A beloved dog disappears and then is reunited with her family.

A big event, all thanks to tiny technology.

Bailey, the border collie has a lot of energy.

Always running around, even into other people's yards on the North Shore.

But one day, Bailey didn't return from a run.

"She had gotten out of our yard and she disappeared - we looked for her and weren't able to find her," said her owner Scott Swartz.

That escape took Bailey away from the swartz family, away for good, they thought.

"We thought she got lost in the woods or was killed or something," Swartz said.

But after another escape, Bailey was picked up in Ewa Beach by the Hawaiian Humane Society.

And a tiny microchip helped this dog return to her family.

"If it wasn't for the microchip, she would have been adopted out or put to sleep," Swartz told us.

Its not an usual story for humane society workers, who push for this tiny technology.

Because they have see how it works.

"While pet ID's and tags and collars are really great for identification sometimes they get lost when an animal goes missing. So microchips are a permanent way to identify your pet and reunite in the case you get separated," said Hawaiian Humane Society Spokesperson, Darcie Scharfenstein.

But even humane society workers were amazed at just how long the Swartz family had been missing their beloved border collie.

"The lady at the humane society asked how long has bailey been gone, and I said 6 years. Her jaw just dropped!" Swartz said.

Bailey, now a seven year old dog, had a rough six years away from home.

She had mange as well as calluses from sitting on the cement.

And her energetic personality was subdued, but not for long.

Because the "Bailey" the Swartz family fell in love with, returned as soon as they got her home.

"She used to always lick my ear - and when I was at the Humane Society I couldn't get her to lick my ear. But when I started driving up the driveway, she licked my ear again!" Swartz told us.

If you haven't got a microchip for your dog, now is the time to do it.

This month participating vets are waiving all costs except the five dollar cost of the microchip itself.