ID Chips Keep Pets Protected

Darcie Scharfenstein
Darcie Scharfenstein

HONOLULU (KHNL) - If your pet gets lost and has a microchip, odds are you will be reunited. And we have proof. Just recently the humane society reunited a pet owner with his long lost dog. All thanks to technology.

A dog from Pupukea ended up in Ewa Beach. But thanks to her microchip, after six long years this dog is finally home.

This month microchips are on sale. For just five dollars your pet can carry permanent identification.

There are rows and rows of stray dogs at the humane society. Many of these dogs could be reunited with their owners if they just had a microchip. It's about the size of a grain of rice.

But it helps ensure your pet returns home.

The Humane Society's Darcie Scharfenstein explains, "While pet ID's and tags and collars are really great for identification sometimes they get lost when an animal goes missing. So microchips are a permanent way to identify your pet and reunite in the case you get separated."

Just recently a stray ended up here at the humane society. A microchip miracle according to

Scharfenstein, "One of our members was able to be reunited with his dog Bailey after six years his dog went missing in Pupukea 6 years ago and in March, 2006 came in as a stray from Ewa Beach."

While tiny, microchips hold the pet owner's name and number.

"Because of the microchip we were able to scan it an he kept up his information and we were able to contact him and they were reunited after all that time." says Scharfenstein.

A priceless moment for that stray. And now the price is right.

Now is the time to get one according to Scharfenstein, "Throughout the month of August participating Vets are waiving all other fees but the five dollar cost of the microchip.