Families Head To The Ocean After Beach Cleanup

Pokai Bay Beach Park
Pokai Bay Beach Park
Darlene Sharpe
Darlene Sharpe

POKAI BAY, Oahu (KHNL) - Many Leeward Oahu families headed back to the beach Sunday, a day after many of them were cleaned.

"It looks good," said one woman, enjoying a birthday party at Pokai Bay Beach Park. "They did a good job."

Volunteers and city crews cleaned beach parks at Pokai Bay, Kahe Point, Lualualei, Tracks, and Maili Point as part of the city's effort to clean the Waianae Coast.

They picked up trash, painted bathrooms and park benches, and did minor maintenance work.

"Came out nice," said one man at Pokai Bay. "Wouldn't even come to the beach before. All dirty. Don't know what the kids might step on."

It took hard work to get the beaches looking this way. The concern now is maintaining it.

"Please help us ensure people are going to take care of the things we've done to improve the area, so that future generations can enjoy it," said Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann. He said that many residents on the Leeward Coast asked him when he would clean their beaches, like he did at Ala Moana Beach Park.

Residents acknowledged that they need to contribute.

"It cannot be done just by the city or state or one department," said one beachgoer. "It has to be everybody. Everybody needs to get involved."

"We gotta do what we can," said another beachgoer. "Like us, gotta clean up after yourself. Whatever you see around, pick em up too. Not going hurt you."

They say every little bit goes a long way, so everyone can enjoy their day in the sun.

The city's efforts to clean the Leeward coastline will go on for the next few months. They're scheduled to do maintenance work at Waianae District Park next.