Soldier Deployment Leaves A Hole For Local Businesses

(KHNL) - It's the biggest Schofield deployment to Iraq. Seven thousand Schofield soldiers are moving out. Wahiawa business owners may be shell shocked by the economic fallout. When the soldiers deploy they take their credit cards with them.

Wahiawa business owners are bracing for hard times.

The owner of Aloha Collectibles Express shut down his store that sells comic books and trading cards,

Dennis Milender explains, "Until this Iraq thing is over with, it is probably gonna stay closed."

He sells old school video games and soldiers make up about 90 percent of his customers.

Milender adds, "The problem is all these military towns in U.S. have major suffering because of this war. Until it gets over they just hope they can keep it going until it gets over with."

At Michelle's beauty and barber shop they keep the soldiers looking sharp.

Michelle Tran explains, "We do about 10 military cuts a day."

At Albert's Dry Cleaning they count on the soldiers.

Peter Nelson explains his deployment worries, "Just work with it. Keep working, nothing else you can do."

Wahiawa business owners are already looking forward to next year when the troops return.

Even though the soldiers are away, many have their families who will still shop in Wahiawa.

The owner of Aloha Collectibles Express says a lot of the wives mail hand-held video games to their husbands in Iraq.