People Take Aim At Crime During A Special Night Out

Dolores Mollring
Dolores Mollring
Officer Darryl Jones
Officer Darryl Jones

Aug 4, 2006 10:15 PM

(KHNL) - Dozens of people from residents to police officers came out to Aala Park Friday night.

Residents say they're taking back their neighborhood.

This is all part of "National Night Out" - a time when people take a stand against crime.

Dolores Mollring fearlessly leads some of her neighbors down a street near Chinatown.

She used to be scared just to step outside her own home.

"I never went into Chinatown ever in the beginning," explained Mollring, a long time resident.

Until one day she had enough.

She said, "I'm tired about being afraid of being down here."

Now Mollring patrols the streets of Chinatown and Downtown every week with other neighbors.

"Maybe some people think we're a joke, but we don't," said Mollring.

Officer Darryl Jones knows just how serious this group is.

He says when they're together, they can be very intimidating and effective against crime.

"You can see prostitutes walking down the street will cross the street to get away from them. People hanging out along River street on the walls will get out when they see them coming, so they make a big difference," explained Officer Jones, with the Honolulu Police Department.

And it's not just this group making a difference.

Dozens of community members came out to A'ala Park to celebrate their accomplishments.

Some walked. Some came by buses from Kahuku to Waikiki.

Residents who are taking back their neighborhoods.

Mollring said, "It's up to us to walk the streets, it's up to us to care. If there's a broken window, fix it. If there's graffiti, paint it out."

And though it's safer now, Dolores says the work is far from over.

There's no rest until her neighborhood is drug-free and crime free.

"It's not going to happen overnight and maybe not at all, but at least we can sure try."