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Date Street Residents Make A Plea For Safety

Nelson Boyce Nelson Boyce
Robert Kikuta Robert Kikuta
Ryan Kuboyama Ryan Kuboyama
Accident on Date Street Accident on Date Street
Accident on Date Street Accident on Date Street

(KHNL) - It's a busy street that attracts many commuters and pedestrians every day.

And that combination has proven to be dangerous. People who live in the are calling for help.

They say they need more police.

For the 2nd time in six days, Date Street was the scene of a terrible car crash.

Thursday morning, a violent crash killed a passenger in a speeding mustang, and left the driver fighting for his life

It happened near Kapiolani Boulevard.

Only five days earlier, and just five blocks down the road, another violent crash on date near near kapahulu.

That crash left all four people in an SUV with injuries.

Some neighbors speeders are making this a deadly stretch.

You don't need a radar gun to tell you cars ignore the speed limit.

At night it becomes a speedway," said Date Street Resident Nelson Boyce.

The results are deadly.

"At 4:14 in the morning there was just a loud crash," described Robert Kikuta, a Date Street Resident. "You come out and you see overturned vehicle, people running down street

Police say speed, alcohol and drugs were likely invovled in the deadly crash.

Speeding all too common on Date Street.

"I mostly see people speed across the street because over here and over there, there's lots of accidents," Date Street resident Ryan Kuboyama told us.

Like a 6 car pileup Saturday. Four people were hurt.

"A lot of people disregard the lights and should step up HPD presence around here. It gets dangerous for the pedestrians," said Boyce.

The exercise trail is popular with runners and walkers.

"I would be scared because if the car came and I am walking cinnamon I could get hit by the car," Kuboyama told us as he stood along the street with his dog.

"By pure enforcement and control that they can cut down on the speeding," Kikuta said.

"They should not speed because they could get hurt or seriously injured or get killed," pleaded Kuboyama.

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