City Workers Battle Public Restroom Vandalism

Wil Ho, Department of Parks and Recreation
Wil Ho, Department of Parks and Recreation

(KHNL)- It's a problem that's attracting the attention of park users and Honolulu officials.

Park bathrooms can be a mess, but city crews say they're doing what they can to clean them up.

"Sometimes you get people who don't care about the bathroom, yeah?" said Jacob Purdy, city worker.

"If you threw a party at your house and invited 10,000 guests the way our parks have and you try to keep up the bathroom, you'll find it's a very difficult task," said Wil Ho with the Dept. of Parks and Recreation.

City crews usually spend an hour cleaning each public bathroom on Oahu everyday. But some that are used more often, such as this one at Waimanalo Beach Park, get a little more attention.

"The heavier-used parks, we're starting to use a sealant to seal the floor so urine can't soak into the concrete and get that smell. It also makes it easier for our guys to clean," said Ho.

City crews are stationed at some of the more popular beach parks such as Ala Moana and Kailua.

Those restrooms are cleaned three or four times a day.

Wet floors and sand aren't the only things workers deal with. Theft is also a big problem.

"But over a weekend, we'll lose 12 rolls," said Ho.

"Sometimes they just rip the whole thing off," said Purdy.

City workers say people can help them out by taking more pride in these facilities and treating them like their own.