Pretty Beaches, Ugly Bathrooms On Oahu's North Shore

Mahela Ripa
Mahela Ripa
Alan Robock
Alan Robock
Sherri West
Sherri West

(KHNL) - Hawaii is known for its pristine beaches.

But some residents worry the public rest rooms at these beaches are dirtying the islands' reputation. Maria Lowder called our KHNL Talk Story line to tell us that the bathrooms at Waimea Bay and Pupukea are poorly maintained and dirty.

Thousands flock to beautiful beaches like Waimea Bay for its breathtaking views. But behind the beauty, a not so pleasant reality - the public rest rooms. A urinal in the men's bathroom out of commission, covered with a trash bag. And several stalls were missing doors.

"It's all dirty and it smells like pee," said Wahiawa resident Makela Ripa. "You can hardly walk you have to use your slippers."

City officials say a maintenance worker is on site at Waimea Bay throughout the week. Down the road at Pupukea Beach Park, Alan Robock had a great day out in the water.

"Snorkeling was fabulous today," Robock told us.

But while beaches are pristine, the rest rooms once again, were another story. You can flush that squeaky clean image down the toilet.

"It was kind of sketchy," Robock said. "It wasn't that clean so it would be a lot more pleasant for tourists a little bit was paid to make it nicer."

His friend Sherri had her own take of the bathroom.

"My reaction was yuck!" Sherri West told us.

The women's bathroom here also had a broken toilet.  Trash was on the ground and door locks were busted. The city says a roaming crew cleans the bathroom here once a day from 8:00 am to 9:00 am.

"It would really be hassle because you expect to have facilities at least they can be is clean and kept up," said West.

As far as the broken toilets, the city says if it's not an emergency, the toilets will be scheduled to be repaired in a timely fashion based on the work load.