Group Finds Faults With Oahu Intersections

Pedestrians in the Honolulu area
Pedestrians in the Honolulu area
Pedestrians in the Honolulu area
Pedestrians in the Honolulu area

(KHNL)  The American Association of Retired People had volunteers survey 50 intersections across Hawaii to find out how to make them safer for pedestrians.

The group hope their suggestions will encourage state officials to take action.

Pedestrians scurry across the street, as cars zip by at the intersection of Beretania and Punchbowl Streets.

A common suggestion made to improve pedestrian safety was to give pedestrians more time to cross the street.

Another was to install audible and countdown signals like the ones here.

Safety advocates say something needs to be done to bring the number of pedestrian fatalities down.

"We've got an average of 32 people who are killed on our roadways every year. This whole thing is out of concern for our community for our astounding pedestrian safety numbers," said Bruce Bottorff with AARP Hawaii.

The study also showed drivers and pedestrians contributed to the dangerous situations.

70 percent of intersections surveyed had drivers speeding in the area.

Also many pedestrians weren't aware of their surroundings which contributed to the problems.

The Department of Health now has the findings and will present them to the Department of Transportation and the Lieutenant Governor's office later this month.