Record Sale Price For Windward Oahu Mansion

(KHNL) - A beachfront property in Kailua sold for 24 million dollars - a record for the windward side of Oahu.

But that sale has neighbors wondering, what will happen after this deal is done?

Beachfront property is coveted in Kailua, so its no surprise the two luxury homes that share a 60-thousand square foot parcel, would fetch a high price.

But at 24 million dollars, neighbors worry this record transaction will hit their tax bills hard.

"We worry that there are some established neighbors here, who have been here for a long time, and this big sale will have a big impact on their tax rate," says Kailuana Loop neighbor Rori Spriggs.

Neighbors are not only worrying about their bill, they're also wondering if this quiet section of Kailua will change, if a hollywood star or famous musician moves in.

Already they've seen an increase in people staying at the beach front mini-estate.

"We saw Pamela Anderson there for about two weeks, as well as the lead singer for green day for about a week," said Spriggs.

And with frequent star sightings on Kailuana loop, neighbors are wondering which rich celebrity will be calling these two homes home!

"The first rumor I heard was Michelle Pfeiffer may move in, she just sold her place in Lanikai. Adam Sandler, then Elton John and the latest rumor is Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake," Sprioggs told us.

Whoever moves in will be living the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

What does 24 million dollars get you? 15,000 feet of expansive living space, tennis courts along with a sauna, tropical pool and staff quarters.

And of course, a little reminder that its all in Hawaii.