911 Caller Reports Heavy Rain During Plane Crash

North Coast of Moloka'i near search area
North Coast of Moloka'i near search area

July 31, 2006 09:41 PM

(KHNL) - An eyewitness to a plane crash off Moloka'i last Thursday says it was raining heavily on the night he saw a plane go down.

Emergency officials just released a recording of last Thursday's 911 emergency call.

Since then, there has still been no sign of the downed plane and no sign of any survivors.

The single engine cessna is believed to have crashed into the ocean about 6 miles north of Moloka'i Thursday evening.

Two people, a student pilot and instructor were reportedly on the plane.

Coast Guard crews went into action, after Jesse Broder-Van Dyke who was visiting the island, called 911.

"I'm staying on the North Shore near Kalaupapa and we just saw a light fall out of the sky and a crash and we think it may be a helicopter or a plane," Broder-Van Dyke said.

"Is it storming out there?" asked the 911 operator.

"Yes, it is and the rain just started pouring like buckets before we saw it come out of the sky," said Broder-Van Dyke.

According to the Coast Guard, the plane reportedly left Oahu and was headed to Maui.

The Coast Guard and Maui Fire Department crews searched the waters off Kalaupapa Point for days, but found nothing.

The search was called off Saturday afternoon.

The instructor and the student pilot of the plane have not been identified.