Protect Your Child from Internet Predators

Kristin Izumi-Nitao, deputy attorney general.
Kristin Izumi-Nitao, deputy attorney general.

July 31, 2006 07:19 PM

by Darren Pai

(KHNL)- If you think your teen doesn't have a webpage on, think again.

"Most children have a MySpace page, this is the reality," said Kristin Izumi-Nitao, deputy attorney general. allows users to create their own webpage and use it to meet other people - making it a hit with teens looking to make friends.

"Popularity is a big indicator and you can be very popular on Myspace based upon how many people have accessed your website," Izumi-Nitao said.

State investigators tracking internet crimes said because is so popular with children it attracts those who prey upon them.

"Wherever a child's going to be, you're going to find people who want to meet these children for illegal or illicit purposes," Izumi-Nitao said.

Whether its a personal name or a school name or even a list of hobbies, state investigators said it's a bad idea for children to put their personal information on the internet.

"Any kind of information you put on to Myspace is open to anybody," Izumi-Nitao said. "You cannot really block people from seeing it."

One of the best things parents can do is keep their computers out of their kids rooms. Putting a computer in a public area like a family room could discourage children from doing anything questionable on-line.

"Make sure the channels of communication are open," Izumi-Nitao said. "There's only so much we can do to control something like the internet which is very unregulated."