Waianae Family Gets New Habitat

WAIANAE (KHNL)- Dozens of Habitat for Humanity volunteers were out building a house this weekend- and along with it, hopes and dreams for a Waianae family of 12. Mark Saito, carpenter, describes is as a 6 bedroom, 2 bathroom house.

That simple home- is a castle for Ernest Sadamaru. "Once the house goes up and we're together I know we'll be safe and we can do more things as a family." Not having a big enough house has kept sadamaru, his girlfriend, and their 10 children separated for months. Before this they had split up and were staying with various family members.

But soon, all that will change. When Sadamaru was told Habitat for Humanity would help him, "was one little kid getting the best Christmas present they could ever get. I was stoked."

The organization says it's glad to improve the community, one house at a time. Damian Ka'aihue of Habitat for Humanit's Leeward Oahu chapter says, "Within the community we're only as strong as each one wants to help each other. If we can help each other we can better our own communities."

And though the workers donate their time, they say they are well rewarded. Saito smiles, "Anytime I see those family members they always walk up and hug me. They're very thankful for all the work we did every weekend." He says the long hours are worth it when he sees the look in their eyes; that's something money could never buy. The house will be finished at the end of September.