Paddlers Come to Aid of Cancer Victim

Fausta Manners
Fausta Manners

(KHNL) - As members of the Hawaiian Sailing Canoe Association make final preparations for Saturday's 100 mile race to Kauai, they have a more important journey on their minds.

A Haleiwa woman who's in the race of her life.

Fausta Manners first shared her story through our "Talk Story" lines.

She's battling a rare cancer and needed help paying for her life-saving medication.

Members of the sailing club invited Fausta and her family to dinner at Haleiwa Beach Park Friday night.

And they had a big surprise for her.

They hoist their sails and tighten their lines.

Final preps for the 100 mile ocean crossing from Oahu to Kauai for the first time they meet a Haleiwa woman in a different race

"Thanks for making our race so special," said Manners.  "Thank you for having me."

Team members double-check their canoes, then gather together.

"To help a woman I saw a news story about Fausta has cancer," said organizer Terry Galpin.

Fausta Manners needs expensive medication to keep her alive.

"Because her hard working husband Derrick makes too much money at eight dollars an hour Medicare wasn't going to pay for her medication and that is wrong.

"When I found out the medication wasn't going to be paid for anymore it was heartbreaking because we couldn't afford it," Manners told us.

Club members contribute more than two thousand dollars.

"We have made a donation to pay for several months of her drug medication which came from you guys," said Galpin.  "Then the hard work of other people we have a big surprise."

A gift coordinated through Donna Kahakui.  She contacted a friend whose drug company contacts on the mainland could not turn their backs on Fausta.

"Actually it looks like your medical needs will be met by the pharmaceutical company so instead of having to worry about it," said Donna Kahakui, a supporter of Manners.

"God made it possible and you folks reached out to me," Manners told the crowd.  "I don't know any of you."

The drug company Roache has already sent a 90 day supply.

"This is why we do what we do to help people so let's everybody have a good time I'm so glad you get to meet Fausta," Gilpin told everyone.