Coast Guard Searching for Missing Plane

KALAUPAPA, Moloka'i (KHNL) - The U.S. Coast Guard is searching for a small plane, missing in waters off Kalaupapa, on Moloka'i. They believe a Cessna, carrying two people, left Honolulu International Airport for Hana, Maui at 8 PM Thursday night and never made it to its destination.

Michael De Nyse of the Coast Guard said a witness reported that "he saw what he beleived to be a Cessna aircraft spiraling out of control. He went over the ridge in Molokai. And then he thought he heard an impact."

At exactly the same time the FAA lost contact with a Cessna that was flying in the area. The Coast Guard is searching an area of ocean six miles off Kalaupapa peninsula, but has yet to find any sign of the missing plane.

According to De Nyse " We want to find these people alive and we want to get them reunited with their families."

The Coast Guard will continue the search through the end of the day Friday.