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Surfers and Lifeguards Get Ready For A South Shore Swell

Scott Seabaugh Scott Seabaugh
Andrew Soong Andrew Soong
Preston Gazowsky Preston Gazowsky
Kyle Ayler Kyle Ayler

KEWALO BASIN, Oahu (KHNL) - An impressive south shore swell is approaching.

Wave heights could reach 10 feet Thursday night.

The surf will put lifeguards on alert. But surfers we spoke with say it's the perfect way to end the summer.

Word of the swell spread quickly

"There are just more and more people showing up for it," said surfer Scott Seabaugh. "I think it's gonna be as big as it's been all season long."

The surf at times, scary.

"I caught a few big ones and a few gave me a big scare I don't know if that is the highlight, surviving them or catching them," added Seabaugh.

With just days left of their summer vacation, all the more reason to surf this south swell.

"Gotta go back to school and it's always good to catch the best waves with your friends before you go back to school," said surfer Andrew Soong.

"Hearing there is a good sized swell coming hopefully it is full blast get some good sized waves," said surfer Preston Gazowsky.

And besides, there is just something special about the south shore

"All your friends are out you know everybody kind of nice atmosphere and the waves are more forgiving," said Gazowsky.

Not forgiving for Kyle Ahler

"I was out there surfing all of a sudden I dropped down on wave pitched in front hit me and board fell down in front of it and the board pummeled the surf," said Ahler.

Down, but not out.

"I'll just go buy another one - an even better one," Ahler added. "It might be a plus and it might be a down you just have to break in a new board."

The Ocean Safety Division will put more lifeguards on patrol to make sure visitors and swimmers are safe.

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