Kauai Lighthouse Restoration Needs Your Help

(KHNL) - Kauai residents are hoping you can help them restore a national treasure.

Don McConnell called our "Talk Story" phone line to share with us his dream to one day see the restoration of the Kilauea Lighthouse.

The lighthouse on Kaua'i's north shore helped guide mariners traveling from the orient to Honolulu in 1913.

Now, it sees about a half million visitors each year.

McConnell says, time and the harsh marine environment are taking a toll on the lighthouse and adjacent structures.

"The station is 100 years old and a lot of things have been done to it over the years that make it no longer historic as it could be so we'd like to restore it. We need about a million and a half dollars in total," said McConnell.

The group has applied for a grant which will provide a significant amount of funding for the restoration.

They hope to raise the rest of the money with the help from the community.

Concerned citizens on Kaua'i have started a fund drive to restore the Kilauea Lighthouse.