Oahu Neighborhood Closed-Off for Drug Raid

Floyd Sylvester is taken into custody by police Thursday morning.
Floyd Sylvester is taken into custody by police Thursday morning.
Concerned neighborhood resident Denis Salle.
Concerned neighborhood resident Denis Salle.

MAUNALANI HEIGHTS (KHNL) - Tense moments during a drug bust in East Honolulu Thursday. Officers raiding a Sierra Drive home came face to face with a potentially deadly device.

Police swarm a suspected drug house at six in the morning, rocking neighbors from their sleep.

"Yelling at, you know, top volume, 'Open the door. We got a warrant. We're coming in,'" Denis Salle, suspect's neighbor, said. "And that basically made me fall out of bed."

It's one shock after another, as officers inside the home stumble across what looks like a pipe bomb.

"We had to stop the search at that point and make the house safe," Capt. Robert Green, Honolulu Police Department, said.

Nearby homes are evacuated and area streets are sealed off. The bomb squad moves in and carefully removes the device.

"They're going to the range to see if it was an active pipe bomb or a replica, or it was in the process of being created," Green said.

Officers comb the house and the cars in the driveway. Police say they find crystal methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia and a handgun.

"We had this unusual amount of traffic in our street," Salle said. "And, you know, at some point it dawned on us what must be going on."

54-year-old Floyd Sylvester is taken into custody. The accused drug dealer has a message for us.

"Smile. You're on candid camera," he said.

His neighbors are smiling alright. The raid came after they got together and reported their suspicions.

"My kids are four and two," Salle said. "I didn't buy a house in this place to be right across the street from drug activity. And there was no way out, really, other than to take action."

The bomb squad later determined the device in the home was a live pipe bomb. Police say if it had exploded, it would've taken everything out within a 25- to 30-foot radius.