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Israel Supporters Rally in Waikiki

Pinchas Neuman, Rally Organizer Pinchas Neuman, Rally Organizer
War torn Lebanon War torn Lebanon

WAIKIKI, Oahu (KHNL) - A growing conflict all the way in the Middle East caught the attention of a group, right here in Hawaii. Wednesday night, that group pulled together an "emergency rally" in support of Israel.

They gathered in Waikiki to voice their concern for Israel in its fight against Hezbollah in Lebanon.

It was a quiet and peaceful rally -- but their signs spoke loud and clear. "Israel must defend itself" and "Stop Hezbollah terrorists"

Rally organizers say this event is meant to raise awareness.

"Hawaii is so far removed from the Middle East, in fact it's almost on the other side of the planet. People here seem to view events as over there, far away. People don't realize that what's happening there will eventually come, God forbid onto these shores," says rally organizer, Pinchas Neuman.

Israel suffered its heaviest losses, Wednesday.

Nine soldiers were killed and 25 wounded during fierce fighting in Southern Lebanon.

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