Speed Dating With A Political Twist

Bart Dame
Bart Dame

(KHNL)  You've heard of speed dating, well what about political speed dating?

It's the latest way voters are getting to know the democratic candidates running for Hawaii's 2nd congressional district seat.

It's not your traditional gong- a metal lid and wooden spoon.

But this isn't your typical candidate forum.

Organizers needed a way to showcase their democratic candidates.

"It became obvious it was too unwieldy, we had 9 candidates!" said Bart Dame, co-chair of the event.

The solution was to bring them to one place. Dame explained, "One member called it political speed dating."

Seven candidates speaking at one time.

One candidate per group.

Two others waiting on the sidelines.

"The other two candidates can catch their breath or spy on others and hear what they have to say," said Dame.

It was a great way for Josh Frost to weed out contenders.

"It's not a debate format. There's no kind of grand standing. It's more personal," said Frost.

When it came to topics, nothing was off limits.

From the war on Iraq to taxes to views on abortion.

Even though they had only 9 minutes running from group to group, candidates and voters seem to think it was time well spent.

"Whatever issue concerns us we're able to ask the question directly," said voter Ephrosine Daniggelis.

Frost added, "In one night, I can see where all of them stand."