Domestic Deaths Prompt Stern Message from Feds

US Attorney Ed Kubo
US Attorney Ed Kubo
DeLana Carter of the Domestic Violence Clearinghouse.
DeLana Carter of the Domestic Violence Clearinghouse.

by Darren Pai

(KHNL) - Pearl City. Saturday night. A man leads police to body of his girlfriend, saying he killed her.

It's the kind of tragedy DeLana Carter works to prevent by helping domestic violence victims deal with the courts.

"They generally want the behavior to stop, they love the person but they want the violence to stop," said Carter, outreach coordinator for the Domestic Violence Clearinghouse.

Now federal prosecutors promise more action against domestic abusers who violate court orders banning them from owning guns.

"I would like to sternly warn all abusers that if you commit a gun crime, you will do hard time," said U.S. Attorney Ed Kubo.

As an example, federal prosecutors point to Broyson Gonsalves. His girlfriend took out a restraining order which bans Gonsalves from possessing a gun. On July 10 Big Island police found him with a pistol in his car.

"There is never a justified reason for relationship violence, never," Kubo said. "And the chances for violence increase where guns or drugs are involved."

Four women died in domestic killings this month. Advocates urge other women to seek help.

"I think we're sending a message out that says we hear you, we support you and we're going to take this seriously," Carter said.