Credit Check

The new public high school graduation requirements take effect this year for students in the class of 2010 and beyond.  One of the intriguing new requirements is the half-credit called the "Personal/Transition Plan", which takes the place of the old Career Guidance course.

Just exactly how will this plan be implemented at each school?  Will already busy teachers be tasked with having to baby-sit reluctant students who don't see this as a positive and important step in their post-high school careers?  Will one teacher be burdened with 25 unique plans to follow up on, or slough off?  Will every teacher give these plans the full attention they deserve or will this simply be an easy half-credit for students and teachers to fulfill?

All unknown at this time, as the new system has just been put in place, but it is vital that 17- and 18-year olds realize now the importance of their transition into college, technical fields, the military, or the work world.  It would certainly be unfortunate and unwise if this new replacement credit gets pushed aside during the final months of high school by disinterested students or teachers.  Think about it...