Price Point

The price of parking is higher; the price of housing is higher; the price of gas is higher; the price of private school tuition is higher.  Yes, the reality in life locally is pretty consistent in that prices tend to go up over time, not down, and normally not flat. And the price of living in paradise has always been a concern.

People opt to live here mostly because they love it, because it's truly home, because family and loved ones are here.  It is expensive to live here and it really is expensive to run a business here. But there are items that you can control- don't drive so much, don't go out so much, buy more fuel-efficient cars or take the bus, live further away from town and/or buy a smaller home.  Some of these options might not work for you; there are always choices that people must make, and life is constantly about choices.

Another option is to move away.  Frankly, that's just not a real good option for most people, so we bear with these ever-increasing economic realities of life on a secluded island group.  It's not always easy, but it sure beats just about any other living environment out there.  You deal with it as best you can, because that's just the way it is.  Think about it...