Scores and Scores

A score (as made famous in a speech by Abraham Lincoln) can mean 20-years.  A score can also be something that we just can't seem to improve on very much year after year in our public schools.  Perhaps it only seems like 20-years that we keep hearing about woeful annual results, but the reality is that the numbers do tell part of a sorry story.

When all is said and done, everyone looks for accountability.  To be fair, the system and its ability to move the bar higher can only be as good as various elements which make up "the system".  That means the legislature bears some responsibility when buildings aren't fixed and books aren't bought; that means parents bear some responsibility when they shuffle their kids out the door and ignore their role in getting involved in their kid's future or even their breakfast.  That means system-frozen bureaucrats bear responsibility for making promises, but not reaching for radical changes.

Saddest of all, some people are simply immune to these annual test scores; yes, they simply accept it or assume we can't improve- ho hum.  And that's a big problem if we're ever going to fix things. Please, think about it...