Students Receive Help Before Classes Resume

Mary Robb
Mary Robb

(KHNL)  For many students the first day of school is right around the corner.

And one organization wants to make sure the kids at the Kakaako homeless shelter come to school prepared.

12 year old Money Meitou marvels at the goodies stashed in her backpack.

She can't wait to start school next week.

"To learn and have a lot of education," said the eighth grader.

She's off to a great start, but that wasn't always the case

"I didn't have school supplies last year," Meitou said. "I felt so embarrassed in front of my classmates."

But this time, she has what she needs. And she's one of many in need at this shelter.

"At any given night, 90-100 children of all ages," said Mary Robb of the Prudential Locations Foundation.

Children who hadn't been prepared in the past.

"We wanted the children to have the necessary tools to learn and to be ready for school and to feel that they are ready," Robb said.

And now Money is ready to tackle the 8th grade.

And ready to concentrate on bigger things, like her plans for the future.

"I'm not really sure what I want to be when I grow up," she told us. "I want to help my mom take care of my brothers and sisters."

This won't be the only stop for the foundation.

The plan is to visit several locations across the island before the school year starts.