State Agencies Prepare For Daniel's Arrival

Ellie Montalbo
Ellie Montalbo

(KHNL)  The Central Pacific Hurricane Center is not the only agency in town gearing up as Daniel heads our way.

State Civil Defense workers are now on 24 hour watch as Daniel approaches.

Many may be breathing a sigh of relief that Daniel is weakening, but even as a tropical storm, Daniel could do some damage.

And that is why the State is preparing for the worst.

Daniel is days away from our islands and weakening, but its now, the State is stepping up preparations for the storm.

"Were not taking this storm lightly even though it should be downgraded to a tropical storm," said Ed Teixeira from State Civil Defense.

Because even a tropical storm could have a serious impact on the islands.

"When it comes to tropical storm force winds - 39 miles an hour - most runway operations will be shut down," Teixeira explained.

Air travel may not be the only thing Daniel may disrupt. This storm will create rough seas and high surf for eastern shores.

"It's going to affect inter island navigation - barge operations, ships at harbors," added Teixeira.

In addition to planning for possible evacuations and checking the status of shelters, the State is also preparing for the worst that could happen from this storm.

Our public needs to be aware of power outages from trees and telephone poles," Teixeira said "So that's why they need to have a disaster kit out to about three days.

Some residents are ready - like Ellie Montalbo.

"I'd say I have a lot of things, but it's not put together in a bag or so to take with us" Montalbo explained.

But at City Mill, store employees say many wait until the last minute to stock up for a storm.

They need essentials like non-perishable food, water, flashlights and batteries.

But those who have lived thru hurricanes have learned the importance of preparing for the worst.

"We found that, when we lived on Kauai, we were 45 days without water. And so that was a real strain on us that we were not prepared for," Montalbo said. "Forty-five days without water is a long time."