Fundraiser Remembers Murder Victim

(KHNL) - There was a giant fundraiser for the family of Tantalus murder victim and taxi driver Mahn Nguyen.

Event organizers invited everyone, "They can come here and support donate ten dollars. All age event no dress code, casual listen to music have food, win prizes and if they want to come in and donate food donate prizes, we'll take whatever we can get so we can raise more money for the family."

The bar is covered with different envelopes.  Peopel wanted to donate anything they had; gift ceritifactes, prizes, food.

The wife of Mahn Nguyen and newly made single mother of two has to support her children by herself now.

She was thankful for everything that was being done for her family.

Organizers hope to raise twenty thousand dollars to help the murder vicitm's family.