911 Call: Right Before Deadly Crash

KONA, Hawaii Island (KHNL)- They were screaming for help, but police just couldn't get there in time.

Three Big Island women were driving between Kona and Waimea last Sunday, when they called 911 to say they were being run off the road. Two died. Janelle Nardin is the only survivor.

Nardin tells the operator they're being chased by Vernon Costa, her ex boyfriend, but through most of the call, it's too hard to understand the women.

On the tape, you hear their hysterical panic, then the line goes dead because the car crashed. The operator asks a police car, "Can you get a call? It's really bad."

26 year old Pua Lei Santa Isabel, and 35 year old Casey Ann Swain died. Nardin, who turned 20 yesterday, was wearing her seat belt in the front seat and survived.