Heartfelt Remembrances and Musical Tributes for Kapahulu Couple

The Takamori Family
The Takamori Family

(KHNL)  More than 400 people bid aloha Friday night to a couple who found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Jason and Colleen Takamori were killed two weeks ago at the Tantalus lookout.

But Friday night it wasn't about how they died, but rather heartfelt memories about how they lived.

Up until now many of us only knew the Takamoris as a couple gunned down while taking in the city lights at Tantalus.

Those who spoke at the service told us the Takamoris were a fun loving couple who scheduled dates with each other and who always put family first.

An uplifiting hula.

This was not a stoic and somber funeral, rather a musical tribute for Jason who was passionate about music and his wife Colleen who attended every performance.

Three bands were at the memorial and Jason had played in all three.

Colleen's sister recalled laughs they'd shared during a recent trip to California for Lianne's graduation

"For a few days they stayed at my home in Thousand Oaks where Jason insisted on fine tuning my toilets," Colleen's sister, Cynthia Lee Calverley, told the crowd. "Colleen, Jason and Lianne were able to make many wonderful family memories together and they will last a lifetime."

While difficult, Lianne Takamori had a few things to share.

"I always knew this day would come - I would have a funeral for my parents. But never imagined in my life that I would have the funeral at the same time," she said.

Lianne gave a glimpse inside their happy home.

"One time my dad got the idea he was going to be vegan and so my mom and dad took vegan cooking classes together. And in turn when they cooked the whole family we'd have to eat vegan dishes," she told the crowd of mourners.

The daughter who lost her parents in a violent way summed up by saying she won't let the way they died spoil a lifetime of memories.

"My parents had a bittersweet ending and I'm happy that through the horror they must have felt at least they were together," she said.

Lianne wrote in the program:

"Although death is inevitable sometimes it happens when it is least expected. I know that my parents would not want their family and friends to grieve in sorrow but to rejoice in the good life they shared with all of you."