Big Island Teacher Slowly Making Her Way to U.S.

(KHNL) The Big Island Teacher who had been stranded in war-torn Lebanon -- is slowly making her way back to the U.S.

But family members have lost contact with Sarah Ahmadia.

After being denied passage out-of Lebanon, twice, Ahmadia finally made-it safely to Cyprus, Thursday morning.

She had been expected to return to the U.S. some time Friday.

Her mother, Phyllis Ahmadia, describes Sarah's last movements, before they lost contact.

"When they were transported, the 90 minutes bus ride I guess that's an airbase that they were taking off from the United States has no passport numbers, no anything no organization. It was first come, first shove basis. She was in a line that she thinks might get her a flight after 8 or 10 hours of sitting on the floor."

If all had gone as planned, ahmadia would have arrived at home, in Hilo, Saturday night.