Jellyfish Invasion Creates Pain In Paradise

(KHNL)  Thursday was a beautful day in the islands, which translates into a great beach day.

Unfortunately, for many people looking to enjoy a nice day in the water, some tiny transparent creatures made it less than pleasant.

Box jellyfish arrive with the tide, roughly 10 days after every full moon.

Lifeguards were busy Thursday, treating hundreds of people at two popular spots.

The sound of children at the beach is common.

But when they start crying, you know something's wrong.

"I was playing and five jellyfish stung me and stuck right here," said Jabriel Garcia.

Lifeguards report more than 220 box jelly fish stings at Waikiki, but more than 1200 jellies washed up on shore.

Beachgoers were told to stay out of the water, but many ignored the warning's.

Some simply went to another beach.

"I got stung on my arm and my leg - right here," Melissa Brophy showed us.

That was on Waikiki Beach.

And after a brief visit to the hospital, we caught up with her and family at Hanauma Bay.

But when they arrived, they found signs posted at the entrance to the park.

Beach closed due to jellyfish!

After 12 stings in just one hour, the park was shut down for the rest of the day.

"Lifeguards started having to treat a rash of stings here at Hanauma Bay, so it was decided we should take the safer course of action and close off the beach to prevent anyone else from experiencing getting stung," said the manager of the bay, Alan Hong.

The bay was closed by 10:00 am Thursday.

There's still no word on whether it will be open Friday.

The park management will make that decision by 8:00 am, after checking out the jelly fish count in the morning.