Big Island Teacher Out of War-Torn Lebanon

(KHNL) The 27-year old Big Island teacher, who had been stranded in Lebanon, is now safe in Cyprus, and well-on her way back-home.

Sarah Ahmadia says U.S. Embassy officials finally let her through and allowed her to board a helicopter to Cyprus.

"Finally, after a little bit of arguing and debating, they said, 'okay we are going to let you in the second you see these helicopters leave that are here right now so sit tight don't worry we are going to get you out today.' And that was the first actual confirmation we had gotten from them the entire morning," said Ahmadia in a morning interview via cell phone.

"Over all, the Marines were so awesome. They took care of everybody, including the crying children on the flight.  And it really really was uncomfortable. But they made it as pleasant of an experience as they possibly could," continued the 27 year-old teacher from Kamehameha Schools on the Big Island.

Ahmadia is now expected fly to Baltimore, before eventually making her way back to the islands.