Fat Chance

A lot is being written nowadays about the onset of childhood obesity and the concern with pre-diabetes due to elevated blood sugar levels.  And with Hawaii's proven record of having too many overweight kids, this is a solvable dilemma that is only going to get worse in the years to come- unless parents set the right examples right now.

The long-term implications of "adult-onset" diabetes are potentially horrible.  What parent would pre-destine his or her kid to a higher chance of kidney damage, eye damage, heart disease, and amputation?

It's pretty simple, set an example yourself, but even if you have no willpower, watch what your kids eat and make sure that they get exercise.  That's your best chance to steer them toward a path of healthy living which may stay with them for life.  Ask anyone who chose to not take care of themselves who is suffering today, and you know their tale of woe will start with "...if only I'd taken better care of myself".  Well you can take better care, and it needs to be for life, yours and theirs.  Think about it...