Bridge of Signs

It's summertime, and along with inane brush fires and an alleviation of rush hour traffic, we have another age-old indication that you are in Hawaii.  Yes, it's that even-year environmental eyesore known as political signs.

Everywhere you go, everywhere you drive, everywhere you look, signs are a-hanging.  Some people are protesting these perceived tacky billboards.  Personally, I'd rather see a politician take the time to provide pertinent information on their credentials and plans rather than see some more signs sticking out of every nook and cranny.  And of course, soon we will be entertained by rampant sign-wavers, those friends, cohorts, and true believers who will brave rain and heat to try and distract us from the vital job at hand- driving in traffic!

I know it's free speech, but find a better way to entice me to vote for you, please; give me a real reason, some cause that has some meat on it- not simply by having tee-shirted happy people smiling at me as I'm driving by.  Give me your website address to check out, give me a detailed flier on my doorstep, but please, don't bother me when I'm driving.  After all, I'm too busy changing the CD or talking on the cell phone to notice you.  Think about it...